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Prosperity Electric is found in New Westminster in 2015. The founders, who had contributed themselves to the lighting industry for over twenty years, came together and led the company towards the present successful days. Prosperity Electric is established as one of the leading lighting suppliers in Canada and has been nurturing an impressive growth over the years. We have a beautiful showroom in Richmond, BC where we showcase our new products.

As a supplier for a number of famous lighting companies all over Canada, our professional design and manufacturing team have been dedicating to the production of many custom made products for our clients. These products were soon to set the industry benchmark and being recognized as the pioneer.

Not only limited to mono-nature assignments, our team devotes to bring brilliant ideas to light the project up. Our clientele comes from hotels, department stores, shopping arcades, retail shops, restaurants, hospitals, banks and residential households in Canada and USA. The team is enthusiastic to showcase suitable and high quality lighting products for all assignments, from fluorescent bulbs used in mega industrial plant, to a cozy warm table light as a decoration.

Mission & Objective
We are the people of Prosperity Electric bringing a bright and comfortable environment by offering professional lighting products, consultation and solution. We are committed to becoming one of the leading companies in the lighting solution industry and provide exceptional products and services for our customers.

Provide an expeditious, flexible and responsive services to customers

Ensure the products are designed and manufactured in accordance with recognized standards

Cultivate an environment to develop and retain high quality people
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